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 William Nonog was born in 1960 as the seventh child of a gold miner close to Baguio, a city in the mountains in the north of Luzon. He is a descendant from a mountain tribe.  As a child he used to accompany his grandmother, who was working as a well known herbalist and healer. She was the only spiritual teacher William ever had. After her death she came back to her grandson and told him that he had to carry on her work.
William was then only ten years old and little did he understand what mission he had accepted. During many dreams in which he was performing bloody operations he was being prepared to work in this extraordinary way. At the age of twelve years when he was giving healing to a lady he realised that his hands were inside the body of his patient. He tried to carry on the healing like he had in many previous dreams and was relieved to see the wound close when his hands left the body.
Soon many people came hoping to get healed from this young child. Sometimes the demand was overwhelming and William went into the forest to hide from the people. He waited until everybody had left his home and then came back with firewood.
His mission was such a heavy burden that at the age of 14 he committed suicide. He fainted and had a life changing experience that led him to accept his mission.